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Reunited with the City Original by Katy Earley

Reunited with the City Original by Katy Earley

SKU: 034

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas


This mini painting was inspired by a walk through London as lockdown restrictions eased in Spring 2021. It was my first visit to Central London since before the pandemic hit and all my senses were heightened. The weather kept switching between torrential rain and bright sunshine and the sky was almost every colour of the rainbow over the course of the afternoon. It was such a joy to see other people out and about, and to see street art, and to hear chatter, and music pouring out of cars and cafes. This painting represents that change from the darkness and solitude of lockdown- and the bad weather of the day- to brighter things; reuniting with friends and family, being able to explore our city again and those wonderful, colourful skies.


  • I am a self taught abstract artist, working from my studio on Eel Pie Island in South West London. I paint rural, costal and urban landscapes, taking inspiration from the energy of the unpredictable British weather and the colours and texture of both the natural world and the city streets. I use all my senses while painting- what I hear, feel, taste and smell, as well as what I see- and I am heavily influenced by my emotions.Photographs and sketches are the starting point for a more intuitive painting process. I practice mark making before building up multiple layers of paints in varying colour palettes and using different tools, such as brushes, knives, sticks and rags to peel the layers back and create texture.


    Insta: katyearleyart

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