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Sennelier Watercolour Black Wooden Box Set

Sennelier Watercolour Black Wooden Box Set

SKU: S31-N-131630
  • This plain black wooden box contains 11 x 10ml tubes of premium quality Sennelier watercolours.
  • A delicate and colorful watercolour, of fine quality and made in France. This particular paint is made from honey. It is ideal for artists in the discovery or learning phase and for painting outdoors. In addition to its preservative agents, the nectar gives the Sennelier extra-fine watercolor an incomparable unctuousness and luminosity. In search of excellence, Sennelier has fine-tuned his watercolor by adding more honey to reinforce the color's resistance to time, giving them more brilliance and luminosity.
  • The box has two silver colored hinges and a latch on the front to open and close.
  • Size: 210mm x 210mm x 75mm. The total height of the box when open is approx. 255mm.
  • Content:
  • - 11 watercolor tubes of 10 ml.
  • - 1 cold pressed watercolor pad 10.05×14.8 cm containing 20 sheets of 300gsm paper.
  • - 1 bottle of masking liquid (36.9 ml) with applicator.
  • - 1 round sable brush nº3.
  • - 1 mop brush size 000.
  • - 1 embroidered Sennelier cloth.
  • Colors:
  • 501 Lemon Yellow S1
  • 578 Light Yellow Sennelier S1
  • 675 French Vermillion Red
  • 636 Sennelier Red
  • 315 Dark Ultramarine
  • 326 Mineral Blue S1
  • 599 Gold Quinacridone S3
  • 805 Green As Light S1
  • 211 Burnt Sienna
  • 703 Payne Gray
  • 440 Warm Sepia S1
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