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Serenity Original by Chloe Gulliver

Serenity Original by Chloe Gulliver

SKU: 012

Acrylic on Canvas


Serenity depicts calming waters against a foggy horizon. The stillness of the water contrasts the ominous backdrop of the misty mountains, and the blue/green colour tone generates a feeling of coolness throughout the scene. The rippling light entering between the mountains appears to reflect the calming moon, the brightness ahead, creating a sense of serenity.


  • My paintings often feature abstract or minimalist landscapes, painting with acrylics on board or canvas. I often stick to minimal colour palettes of varying shades to reflect seasonal landscapes, often inspired by places that I have visited here in Scotland. In particular, I like to create dramatic horizons against a calming backdrop, or vice versa, to instil a sense of impending calm. Recently, I have begun exploring the addition of vibrant bursts of colour to otherwise two-tone landscapes, a technique which completely transforms a calming image to one of a care-free yet dynamic nature.


    Instagram/Facebook: @artbychloegulliver

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