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Shards Original by Annabelle Losa

Shards Original by Annabelle Losa

SKU: Time14

Acrylic, spray paint, pens and golf leaf on ply wood

8x8 Inches


Man is like a breath; his days are fleeting shadow. "The shards are not God, but they are pieces of God. Run, Preservation, Autonomy, Cultivation, Devotion.. There are sixteen of them." The shards of Adonalsium, or shards for short, are sixteen pieces of the power of creation. My thoughts were on creation and how time is fragmented on vast and invisible unknown space, undiscoverable space, unseen space... and yet we know it's there. We choose how to spend time, wisely, unwisely, we can ruin time spent, we can cultivate a loving embrace of oneself. We project onto others whatever we feel about ourselves. If we're harsh and self-critical with ourselves, we won't let anyone off the hook either. If we grant ourselves love and acceptance, we open the door to treating others the same way. Time spent wisely, whatever way we think of time it is already gone in a fleeting moment of time.

  • Annabelle is an artist from Margate in Kent who makes pieces that bring a balance between order and chaor. Elements of landscape, rural and urban juxtaposed, infuse intrinsically to connect into emotive pieces. "My work is atmospheric paintings brimming with sentiment. Not one to get caught up in complexities, I choose instead to represent the world abstractly, experince, heartfelt conversation or vivid memories at time." I pull a lot from my faith, poetry, music, and my surroundings, tapping into memory and emotions. Hidden layers of text, throughout all my works, is obscured and mostly unreadable, but the texts are a heartfelt layer upon layer upon layer. I enjoy pushing past my primary practiceof acrylic paint and push the boundaries of inks, spray paints, oil paint and resin. I love to embrace what I call "happy mistakes" when the mediums fight for their prominnent positions. I try to find the balance between the exact form and abstract elements in textures, lines and layers. I wholly believe that the art should send a message, evoke positive emotions and beautyand in its own way transcend boundaries.

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