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Simplicity by Petra Schonova/Fhgrafics

Simplicity by Petra Schonova/Fhgrafics


Coffee on paper

38 x 28 cm


I will use the old phrase “ less is more” especially in current times with overconsumption, over flooded of goods, ideas, news, information. Our eyes and brains are oversaturated. It is time, to get back our time, time to stop and enjoy the simplicity we can find.

  •  I have passion  to experiment with different artistic styles and mediums and often combined them with often unexpected results. As the main source of inspiration is taken from discovering connection between human beings and nature`s visible and invisible powers and forces. The main feature of my artwork is the use of vibrant vivid colours, usage of patterns and repetition of shapes or textures. Through my artwork, I try to provide a visual reference to  the way how I perceive life, my inspiration gained from variety of sources  and bring the connection between them. 


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