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Swallow the Sun: At the Place Where It Happens To Be Original by Adele Lazzeri

Swallow the Sun: At the Place Where It Happens To Be Original by Adele Lazzeri

SKU: 053

Cyanotype Print on Plaster


This piece is an experiment on capturing the Sun.


Realised by pouring plaster onto the Earth’s surface, then tilted upside down, exposing the cast surface to the Sun. The light-sensitive print mixture changes quickly, following the Sun ray’s strengths and direction, revealing the blue and brown hues of the chemical process.


When this piece, a small cast of the Earth’s surface, enters the petri-dish, the activity of the making changes into the stillness of the finished. The artwork, as a link between the past and the present, between before and after, is enclosed in the small world of the petri-dish, where the Sunlight is absorbed by the light-absorbent painted background. As a point in between the Earth and the Sun, this piece is, by extension, a reflection on our relation to our place in the universe.



  • My research and art practice revolves around sculptural experiments as philosophical enquiries into the human condition in relation to neuroscience and cosmological physics.


    The state of wonder, like looking at the starry sky, inspires me to create gestures and things, mostly physical and sometimes digital. I am interested in how these curious objects are outcomes of a theatrical, sculptural process and become part of the activity of our planet. I think about what happens to the human subject that makes art objects on the Earth, and possibly how the action of making makes us feel connected to the otherness of nature.


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