Anji Archer

Cyanotype with architectural figures on stitched calico



The gathering takes us to the place where we have all experienced a ‘gathering’ albeit at a social event, in an education setting, a work- related meeting or a memorable encounter with a group of strangers. At some point in our lives we have been part of a ‘gathering’, several, many, hundreds, thousands and just possibly very soon, more to come….



I work with mixed art forms, including textiles, sculpture, text, drawing, photography and illustration; using different creative possibilities incorporating discarded and given materials. The objects form an important role with the sculptures and installation I create. My practice is a fusion of language through a process of storytelling – both factual and fictional. This language both visual and verbal is developed through observations of everyday life. Historical research is intrepid to the work, story and language and is often the key element when placed for public view.


I am currently reading for a Doctorate in Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire, researching the links between grieving and the use of visual arts as a conduit for communication within a contemporary context.

The Gathering

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