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Time lapse Original by Paul Delpani

Time lapse Original by Paul Delpani

SKU: Time18

Mixed Media

8x8 Inches


Tempus fugit - times go by: just as time is passing, so do the people -  in real life and metaphorically.

The work was assembled of photos of a series when I observed the  bypassers while sitting in a pavement café. Mostly they were in a hurry,  embroiled in daily life. I wanted to freeze a short sequence of their  lifes in time. Anyway time is only construct helping us to arrange our  day and our life.

Sitting in a café observing the ongoings and bypassers is a great  inspiration for my art projects.

Technically speaking it is a frottage from a copier print. The photos of  the series were digitally overpainted, rearranged and merged.

  • Austria is a place of tradition and art, which is sourrounding you everywhere. It is this this special environment which gave rise to Paul Delpanis career. Always keen on understanding and questioning circumstances, ambience and interconnectedness he focuses on photography and digital media to depict all this. 

    In a combination of analytic and procdual methods and with the eagerness to find a stylistic exprimation Paul Delpani researches the potential of photography, starting from alternative processes, namely cyanotypes to digital painting. Trained on processes he uses photography conceptionally, mainly thinking in series giving a meaning.

    He exhibits since 2000, concentrating on international exhibitions since 2016 and took part in various Group and Solo exhibitions internationally and nationally, such as Texas, New York, London, Scotland, Bangkok, Budapest, Venice, Nice (France) but also Vienna. Participation in photo festivals in Spain and Vienna, Honorable mentions and prizes in competitions. His artwork is also represented in collections in Europe.

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