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Time Spins Original by Val Lawson

Time Spins Original by Val Lawson

SKU: Time11


8x8 Inches


“Time spins”: a metaphor for the endless power of uncontrollable time; planets whirling through space and time; or the turmoil of a tidal whirlpool? It’s all the eye of
the beholder!

  • Each of my paintings tells a story, often inspired by my growing fascination with patterns found in the natural world. Spirals are favourites; for millennia they have evoked wonder and mysticism across the world - probably because the shape is echoed in the movement of stars and water, and is found in weather patterns, plants and other life forms.
    Every new painting takes me on a journey into my own unique universe which I explore through my imagination. Whatever I’m creating, I capture the essence of that inspiration, expressing the mood, atmosphere, and emotions that I feel. I want others to share those feelings; to understand the story behind the painting; to travel with me and enjoy.
    Using acrylics, mixed media or oils on canvas or board, I choose my colours, often a limited palette, and then apply paint with palette knives, sponges, brushes and other tools. I build layers to add depth and intensity, allowing initial colours to peep through and optically blend to make something new. I look for contrasts, shadows and highlights to create magical pathways within the picture and listen to cues from the painting as it evolves. Sometimes, the end result surprises me; often, it’s quite abstract in style; always, it’s fun to paint and brings joy to my life.

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