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Turtle Original by LOUISE REILLY

Turtle Original by LOUISE REILLY



Turtle, 2023

GBP 175



Louise Reilly is an artist living and working in Essex, UK. Her minimalist and contemporary style captures the unique forms of animals and birds from around the world. She has always had a love of animals and now uses her artistic talent to help raise awareness of the plights they face. Louise studied Art & Design at Epping Forest College and then went on to complete a BA (hon) degree in Visual Communication Design at Middlesex University, where she chose to take the Graphic Design pathway. Although she graduated in 2000, she is a relatively new artist, only picking it back up a few years ago. She is self taught in the mediums she uses, which is typically pen and watercolour and sometimes incorporating pencil, pastel and acrylic inks. Louise has exhibited in London, Essex, Kent and Cambridge and also sells her art at bespoke art and craft fairs within Essex.

For me, every animal is unique and has it's own character and the techniques that I use aims to bring them to life. Using fine liner pens, I create the form and add the tonal values. I use a scribble technique to do this but it's a slow, controlled and precise process. I love working like this and actually find it very relaxing. I then use watercolour to add more dimension to the piece bringing them to life.


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