Zen Pulp

Suminagashi print, gold leaf on rice paper



Blue cut up from a series of four prints, which formed a prelude to Unchained, but not free. Broken but no defeated (June 2021), representing a journey into the spirit of sublime imagination, echoes of water memory, fragments reconnecting with the buried voices of our pagan ancestors, who worshipped nature thousands of years ago.



Emerging self-taught multi-disciplinary artist based in Lincoln, specialising in Japanese suminagashi water meditation, meditative drawing, printmaking, origami, poetry, prose, and writing. Her work is underpinned by mindfulness and metaphysics. She is currently training as a Yoga Practitioner and has been practicing origami for 20years and follows in a Zen tradition of paperfolding. Other areas of interest include art experiments, geometry, philosophy of space, immaterial labour, and other worlds. Her suminagashi art practice explores borderlines, edges, liminal space, conscious and subconscious, seen and unseen phenomena where imagination, otherworld’s, mythology, entropy, and diffusion meet. The suminagashi printing process can be best described as a ‘collaboration with nature’ since the artist has limited control over the outcome. Every print is completely unique, in the same was a fingerprint is. 





Unchained Ripples, Cut Up Blue

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