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Value of Discard- Isle of Wight Original by Ken Prust

Value of Discard- Isle of Wight Original by Ken Prust

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Gilded resin, clear resin


If it sparkles it’s expensive.


Value of discarded - Isle of Wight - a reflection upon our assignment of value.


We assign value; monetary, emotional, spiritual etc to all that we own. In Value of discarded I utilise gilding to question perceptions of value. Connotations and associations of gilding; opulence, extravagance, religion, etc.


Within the petri dish are gilded casts of plastic debris found in approximately 3msq on my local beach. Such ‘dots’ of discarded colour are common and are scoured from the shoreline during ‘beach cleans’. Yet, they have ‘companions’ in the ocean depths ever eager to join them.


They are a legacy. Once wanted but now discarded; a ‘blight’ that we created.


Bestow upon these ‘dots’ a value associated with wealth not waste and, like treasure, they will become rarer; objects of desire and reverence. Yet beneath the ‘veneer of wealth’ they are but ‘worthless scraps’.


Who and what, defines the value of a ’scrap’ ?


These objects with, value re-assigned, are but a snapshot of five minutes on a beach. Yet now, they art pieces for display.


As you read, a myriad ‘dots’ of discarded roll upon our shores.


(Irony; the casting process resulted in inevitable, discarded, failures).


  • I live and work on the Isle of Wight, in southern UK.

    Through my recent practice I connect with ‘the personal’, exploring the bond

    between us and our environment and how, by our actions, we influence, alter and

    engage with it. I strive to re-frame the familiar and specifically, in work undertaken

    since ‘lockdown’, have commenced a series of work questioning ‘value’ and how it is determined and assigned. I marvel at Nature; the sculptor of our natural world, the lengths we go to emulate and surpass it, and the absurd impossibility of it all. Yet, at times I feel the

    possibilities for the creation and delivery of sculptural form are near endless - I want more!


    Platforms for experimentation without consequence clutter my studio as I seek forms that evolve through design, inspiration, practicality and chance - a shadow, a coming together, a deflection.


    ‘Lockdown’ has led me to look deeper and smile longer as frustrations, failures and successes mutate. The marks of process; the story, as revelevant and vital as the ‘finished’ sculpture.


    The act of creating is, in itself, an adventure; not merely about following a set of rules.



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