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Waves (I) Original by Jade Leigh Webb

Waves (I) Original by Jade Leigh Webb

SKU: 008

Cotton, nettle, silk, hemp and linen fibres.


Wave (I) is woven Jacquard tapestry Inspired by the sea and how we as humans connect with it. On one side the chaos and unpredictability of it, on the other, a calm and tranquil place we go to immerse ourselves and rest.


Using natural fibres, patterns in waves are captured in a small confined square, creating an intense little pocket of destruction. With water being so free flowing, it shows a sense of restriction, an unnaturally refined snippet of disorder.


  • Jade Leigh Webb is a multidisciplinary textile artist and designer based in Leicester. Specialising in weave, she graduated from an MA Fashion and Textiles and has gone on to showcase her work in various exhibitions around the UK.


    Focusing on sustainability, Jade utilises natural and waste yarns to address the imbalance of new and old within the textile industry. Her work is inspired by the connectivity humans have to nature, and the sense of wellbeing that creates. Her latest work explores the calming effect of water, the patterns it creates on the surface, and how this can also be a place of destruction and chaos. Using natural materials she sculpts on the loom creating expressive textual pieces that fuse together textiles and illustration.



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