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Artis of The Week: Komal Karad

Our featured artist this week is Komal Karad.

"I have been making doodle and line drawing of ordinary things. The kind of relationship that interest me have to more to do to understanding of basic form or shape in the

world. Idea behind the work is more important then a finished art objects. Object realized through a variety of media including painting, sculpture, print making, drawing, new media, paint and ordinary house hold objects. Every single things that surround us has a story behind it. A story behind invention of every object. I like the simpleness of the drawing but also the accuracy

and how easy it is the dishtinguish the different object. Sometimes, my artwork is playful and varied also. You used to describe something which happens or is used Everyday or forms a regular and basic part of life, so it is Not especially interesting or unusual. Here I am trying to create a mood through the color and express the emotion. How beautiful clean & colorful everyday object it is. Trying to giving a new life to damaged objects by creatively restoring them because “BROKEN CAN BE BEAUTIFUL”

Here,I wanted to saw a object which changed in my past or before a years we have removed necessity of an object at all and that’s a extra ordinary change from the mechanism to non mechanism or less mechanism. How function are changed."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

All In One, Black pen on paper, 23.4x33.1inch.

"I have been making doodle of ordinary things. I hadn’t realized when I started to doodle from around me . how I go I realized the character of object changed a very dramatically. before the times objects are look like what it supposed to do . If you take a SMART PHONE there is so many function inside for finding a location there is a map. we doesn’t need a compass for any direction or finding other place. it’s a radio but it’s doesn’t look like that.

It’s a television,computer,camera,books,documents, calendar etc. but still it’s doesn’t look like that. when I become more conscious I feel how quickly changed the things and take a place one from another. so I took a object which we used before the years not really before the centuries. Because if I draw a vintage camera and saw some young person they have no idea what it is and even they don’t know how to use it . and take a time for photos and how long process it is . may be how weired is that for somebody? So the idea of that we went from roll and then exposed in dark and light convert into black and white and so long process .now we all have in one box which we can carry easily too. you can get a instant photos point is that we removed necessity of an object at all and that’s a extra ordinary change from the non mechanism to mechanism or less mechanism."

Untitled 1 (before-after), black and red pen on paper, 15.2x11.3inch.

Untitled 2 (before-after), black and red pen on paper, 15.2x11.3inch.

In-between 2, gouache colour on paper, 15.2x11.3inch.

Pandemic 1, 2020-2021,acrylic colour on paper.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems world wide. Leading to the schools, universities and collages. Most government decide to temporary closed a schools. The education sector of india as well as world are badly affected by this. It has enforced the world wide lock down creating very bad effect on the students life in this time period both the positive and negative impacts are discussed. And some suggestions are pointed to carry out educational activities. Indian education system got the opportunity for transformation from traditional system to new era. It has adoption of digital technology to deliver education. There is a new opportunity where collaborative teaching and learning can take on new forms. Pandemic has created a massive rise in teleconferencing, virtual meetings, webinars and e-conferencing opportunities. People learn and use a digital technology and it’s a major changed in a INDIAN HISTORY on educational platform. Educators and learners get the opportunity to interact with the peers from around the world."

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