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Artist Spotlight: Martina Martin

"Martina is inspired by everything that surrounds her day to day living including nature, landscapes, sunsets, and people and her own mental health and mind experiences. Having fell out of love for all things creative, Martina over the past year and a bit has sought solace in the form of digital art. Using this as a way of calming her mind and relaxing she has managed to tap back into that passion for creating art.

Martina’s artwork is mainly abstract interpretations of her inspirations, over a period she has been focusing on creating digital art that showcases her journey of self-love and acceptance of herself. Her work pieces showcase her own vulnerability through the rawness of vivid or strong dark monochromatic colourings, the use of shapes particularly lines, layering and also glitch formations. This gives those looking at her work the doorway to allow them to delve into how they feel. Martina likes to think she can take the observer on a daydream/meditation journey. "

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Layers of Life and The Scars we bare, 2021, Giclee Print, 16" x16" image, 130.00 GBP

I wanted to create a piece of artwork that showcased the effects of everyday life. I was originally inspired by a billboard when out driving one day, whereby the posters placed one on top of another had gradually degraded exposing everything. I took this concept and looked upon my life. A former self harmer, suffering from mental health issues and all round stress of life I created this piece. On purpose I have used vivid colouring as I like the idea that no matter how bad things are we can still wear and stand proud.

Waterflow, 2021, Giclee Print, 16" x16" image, 130.00 GBP

I am a huge outdoors fan with nature and I am obsessed with being near water particularly rivers/streams and waterfalls. This colourful piece was inspired by a very dear place to me where I love to go and sit to escape life. The Falls of Clyde – Lanark, Scotland.

The Map of Life, 2021, Giclee Print, 14.1” x 20” image, 160.00 GBP

This image was one of fun in the making and quite simply as the title says what I feel when looking at it. Experimenting with colour free formation through linear movement and layering this down to create a nice blend. I feel it showcases the idea of all the paths we take in life.

Metamorphosis - 2021, Giclee Print, 16” x 16” image, 130.00 GBP

Part of a most recent series and one of my favourite. Metamorphosis is really the development and subtle movement of form. Creating subtle movement effects using digital tools of blending and pushing the colour around. I think this piece is wonderful for relaxing you and your mind.

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