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Featured Artist of The Week: Haroun Hayward

Featured Artist of The Week: Haroun Hayward!

"Hayward created a series of works in both watercolour and oil. Exploring the visual possibilities of sound, textile traditions, and landscape painting, Hayward’s work straddles the porous boundary between abstraction and representation. Examining how his own sense of self is tied to the domestic realm, he turns his attention to objects, experiences, and memories.

Compositional decisions are inspired by an interest in the histories and rhythms of various styles of music and textile patterns, exploring their deep interconnectedness, and the atmosphere they set. His paintings include rhythm and movement through repetitive or doubled-up patterns and forms, to create a visual tempo. He is especially inspired by the subtle, repetitive, and hypnotic rhythms of electronic music subcultures, which originated in the 80s."

Selected artwork:

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