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Featured Artist of The Week: Infinity Bunce!

Featured Artist of The Week: Infinity Bunce!

"I graduated with an MA in Central St. Martins in 1999 Fine Art – Painting. I have curated and shown with many artists including Michael Craig Martin for example/Matty Small/ Gordon Cheung/ Carne Griffiths etc. I am an experimental process painter. I have been exploring the use of household gloss paint and satinwood for many years. I sometimes mix epoxy resins, spray paint onto MDF or circular canvases. The outcome of the work is a juxtaposing mix of urban and fine art. I have curated and shown with both street artists and urban artists and due to my processes, I have always found myself in the middle of both. My current work for the last few years are landscape-based with marbling effects, built-up layers of gloss /circular foundations with an urban art feel. The work explores the use of nature and the environment and its changes.

I am trained in photography and through the pandemic, I mixed up cult figure models with my paintings, so I also have a vast new bond of photographic work. I am currently curating a photographic show in Wales and an artists touring show while writing for FAD magazine and creating my artwork."

Selected artwork:

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