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Featured Artist of The Week: Judith Lungen!

Featured Artist of The Week: Judith Lungen!

"Beauty is the vehicle that transports both the Observer and the Artist into the Graced Realms of the seemingly impossible and unattainable. For it is there that the Divine can dissolve misunderstandings, wrong thinking, conflicts, judgements and limitations.

Inspired by the mystical city of Jerusalem and its surrounding desert, history has proven that men alone are unable to remedy centuries of conflict and bloodshed.

Only through the Beauty of Inspired Art can true reconciliation and healing take place. It tantalizes the eye, transcends the mind, penetrates the heart, soothes the ignorant and empowers the Seeker.

All submissions are from FATHER GIRI'S DIARY, A PILGRIM'S JOURNEY, a collection of 65 digital paintings with narrative text. Through the eyes of the fictitious mystic, Father Giri a young Catholic priest from India who in 1957 is sent to Jerusalem on Holy Pilgrimage, I’m free to explore and blend Hindu, Hebraic, Ethiopian, Yoruban and Catholic themes.”

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Ancient Ruins, Nabatean Spice Route, December 1, 2021, Digital Painting, 45 x 34 cm, 695 Desert dreams of ancient times in the footsteps of shepherds and saints along rocky paths laid barren in the endless summer’s sun. Walk among archaeological remnants, sit on a slab of limestone once part of a great edifice still in the midst of its disintegration. Memories stir of the great Traders that traveled through China, India, across the Saudi Peninsula into the Negev Desert. There in the solitude of time suspended in its meditation lies the beauty of remembrance.

Fatima in Jerusalem, 2021, Digital Painting, 65 x 68 cm, 975

The stories, myths and miracles of Our Lady of Fatima are legendary.

So are Her prophecies, adoration of humanity, Her deep compassion and unconditional love.

She has been embraced by millions since Her apparition in Portugal. Jerusalem is graced with a beautiful statue that is housed in Sisters of the Rosary Convent Guest House.

Lion’s Gate, 2021, Digital Painting, 32 x 42 CM, 695

The 2000 year old Lion’s Gate is the only eastern entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem whose walls and streets are made from golden limestone. Walking across the threshold along the narrow street one approaches St. Anne’s Basilica a majestic Byzantine structure and the healing Pools of Bethesda. The magic, the mystic of an ancient city.

Title Our Lady of the Ark, 2021, Digital Painting, 45x50 cm, 795

Guarded by two Angels, Our Lady of Guadalupe hovers near Jerusalem’s Old City Walls and Mt Zion. Beloved in North and South America and the reigning Queen of Mexico The Sanskrit inscription reads, “Devi priye namo Mariye, parasadeetham varshini,” “Salutations to the Beloved Goddess Mary, May Your blessings be showered upon us.”

Title Sunrise Over Jerusalem, 2021, Digital Painting, 75 x 58 cm, 1275

The eternal sun rise illuminates the rambling hills and shallow valleys. Fields of rich wintry green and virginal spring quickly turn brown and grey in the long summer months of intense heat and sun. The beauty of Jerusalem is timeless.

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