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Featured Artist of The Week: Amandine Mondion

Featured Artist of The Week: Amandine Mondion!

"My name is Amandine Mondion, and I was born in France, near Paris, in 2002.

I come from a scientific family and yet I have always been passionate about art. I was a member of a ballet in Paris for over 15 years and started exhibiting my art as soon as possible when I turned 18 years old in the UK.

I did a scientific baccalaureate and then naturally decided to do artistic studies.

I left my country last year at 18 years old to join Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts London to study design.

From now on, I dedicate all my time to art and design and therefore never cease to create and share my passion, for my greatest happiness.

I like to explore different fields, like photography, painting, digital or sculpture as well as different materials such as wood, resin, clay, cement, glass, ...

I never tire of discovering new techniques so that I can offer the world an art that best expresses what I want.”

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Interaction, 2021, Dimensions (cm/in):

This is a set of 2 statues

The man statue is: W46cm x D40cm x H120cm

The woman statue is: W43cm x D28cm x H94cm Clay, £2000

Sculptural clay lamps showing the lack of communication in our society.

It shows that art can express what cannot be seen, cannot be heard in a conversation. It compensates for the lack of verbal communication in our fast-paced today's society and displays what is most hidden deep within us.

There are arrows planted on the backs, which are not visible when one looks at the statues from the front, to denounce the "how are you?" which everyone says out of politeness in the morning without really caring about the answer.

Series: Between Past and Present, 2021, The three statues are of almost equivalent size: W25cm x D15cm x H25cm, Clay, £430

These statues are inspired by skeletons from the past, some of species that no longer exist today.

The skeletons are, however, revisited in a very contemporary way, with color and material effects.

This therefore creates a link between the past and the present, the art of before and of today, showing that nothing is forgotten, we are the result of our past, with a little bit of spice!

Creamy Giraffe, 2021, W40cm x H30cm x D10cm, Painting on canvas with clay sculpture, £300

Painting representing a creamy giraffe, part of my series of paintings “Animals in folly”.

Amethyst, 2021, W40cm x H30cm, Painting on canvas, £300

Abstract representation of the beauty and powers of amethyst.

The Dead Don't Die, W14cm x H18cm x D21cm, Clay, £300

This sculpture questions the link between life and death.

It is strange and attracts the glances which fall on it.

It represents a human skull, covered with a kind of green moss filled with observing eyes giving it a terrifying living appearance.

It shows, that even after death, memories haunt and give life to beings underground.

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