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Featured Artist of The Week: Jessica Swift

Featured Artist of The Week: Jessica Swift!

"Based in West Yorkshire, Jessica Swift is a 21 year old artist who has recently Graduated from her degree in Fine Art from Leeds Arts University. She primarily works in large scale contemporary sculpture. Swift values the idea of process in her work and tries to highlight this in all of her pieces by leaving marks made while working. She hopes this sparks a deeper interest in the work, and makes the observer think about the development and the final piece as a whole."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:


Sizes are ranging between 10 inches to 18 inches

Terracotta Clay

Not currently for sale

After being diagnosed with dyslexia at university, Swift struggled with the idea of possession when it came to writing about her work, and wanted to turn this into a positive, rather than something she found difficult. In her most recent sculpture series, she began making work that seemed pointless and radiated uselessness, as its only purpose was to be installed in an exhibition space and seen by the public. The idea of making work that only she understood was incredibly appealing, as her previous works had been heavily influenced by the ideas of others.

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