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Featured Artist of The Week: Lena Silva!

Featured Artist of The Week: Lena Silva!

"Lena Silva is a contemporary, modern artist, of Portuguese origin, resident in the United Kingdom. A lover of Arts, sophistication and simplicity greatly influenced by the Renaissance art period. Patron to the Florence Academy of Arts. Oftentimes, while creating her pieces, albeit using varied mediums, its meaning becomes clear once the colours absorb light. She often gets a sense of belonging, an escape from the acrimony of daily life and chaos of society. Through her work, Lena aims to evoke light, love, happiness, tranquillity, a sense of belonging, gifted to the observer. Her work is also an expression of her wonder of human's survival, persistence, and perpetuity of life—a fascination with life and its meaning, its consanguinity relating directly to the beauty of the experience. Lena is a self-taught artist with a BSc Honours in Adult Health Sciences. The latest years of her life have led to an awakening of her artistic skills. Lena is a lover of poetry and often finds it comforting to describe the emotive and story side of her work through such beautiful poetic words. Lena's work has been at exhibitions and art fairs in London, Brussels, Madrid, Italy – Genova, Milan. At various occasions seen in Art columns of iconic British Magazines. Lena’s work can also be seen and accessed via M.A.D.S online gallery – . Albe Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi Dubai - . Her work has been featured twice in the British arts magazine, Artist Talk Magazine - and 17 . In addition, Lena's work can also be accessed via ArtBook351 (Portugal - Lisbon) - . "

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

'Desolation', 2021, pencil & graphite, 30 x 30 cm, 1000 DLLS (american)

The aftermath behind the deep disappointment towards the indolence of a world alien to emotional human fragility, the free fall and the irremediable emptiness was the central idea to create this work.

'Didn't Know Why' 2021, pencil & graphite, 30 x 30 cm, 1000 DLLS

The silent word, the sentiment encapsulated within a secret buried

within a bottle thrown into the calm sea. This portrait speaks of the frustration of a latent love, not manifested, punished with a painful repression.

'Captain Casablanca', 2021, charcoal & ink, 30 x 30 cm, not available

An enigmatic perspective in chiaroscuro, a fascinating story that unfolds between blinks, flashes and a magnetic complicity between the viewer and the song.

This portrait is based and inspired by the video/song 'I dine øjne' of Danish band Efterklang and its frontman Casper Clausen alias 'Captain Casablanca'.

I would like you to feature my work as it poses visual art from the point of view of an observer, of a professional writer. Under t