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Featured Artist of The Week: Mark Burrell

Our featured artist this week is Mark Burrell. Burrell is a UK based primarily specialising in mixed media found art.

"Mark Burrell’s work is centred around the found object, the throw away and the seemingly mundane. The other main focus is the documentation, distilled and refined, of places and events. His work he acts as a go-between, finding, selecting and presenting objects for the consideration of the viewer. The process of how he works is governed primarily by the objects he has. The desire to truly understand our relationship with objects and each other is Mark’s focus as an artist. He combines painting with collage, print and found objects. So you would call it mixed media I suppose. Narrative has its place in the work but It isn’t always foremost, he does however imagine that the objects he bases the work around and includes do have their own stories to tell. Found and collected objects are the direct influence that drives his need to make art. He loves the unexpected and unplanned aspect of where the next idea might take him depending on what object he finds or that someone gives him next. His work is a simple support for meditation, an artifice serving to fix the attention, to stabilise or excite the mind."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Jumping The Border, 2020. Family tartan, found paper and fabric, old photograph, ink, acrylic and oil pastel on 200gsm Fabriano paper, 60cm x 55cm, £900

The Tie That Binds - November 2020. (Part of the Runt Series) Found materials, acrylic and household paint. 15cm x 15cm x 3cm. £800

Intervention, 2020. Found stick, string, canvas, fabric, ink and household paint on canvas and board, 91cm x 61cm x 4cm, £1500

At The End Of Day, 2020. (Part of the Runt Series) Found materials, acrylic and household paint, 15cm x 15cm x 3cm, £800

Saturday Morning, 2020. Found record sleeve, magazine cuttings, acrylic, graphite and ink on canvas and board, 91cm x 61cm x 3cm, £1500

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