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Featured Artist of The Week: Laura Hogan

Our featured artist this week is Laura Hogan, who is also exhibiting in our virtual exhibition 'Science and Art' 15/01/2021-14/02/2021. Hogans' investigation into how the human mind perceives reality leads to the creations of abstract oil paint and powder pigments on canvas to allow the viewer to see their own interpretation. Beginning with the concept of how her neurotransmissions may work within her own brain, she allows the observers to question what each other see. How do we interact with the world? How do our minds interpret these interactions? How do we interpret reality differently?

Selected artwork:

LEFT: Convergence. MIDDLE: Waves and particles. RIGHT: Introduced Observation

"Fundamental theories of physics and brain science are subjects that greatly inform my creative practice.

I have found in my work as an artist that art allows for a different kind of freedom to question, address, and express.

I have come to think of the creative practice as a way of becoming a free scientist, able to experiment beyond the lab or studio and investigate a reality, pregnant with possibility.

It is important for us to depict what “is” in many forms for people to understand, for what is the point of discovery if it cannot be shared?

My language is art, my subject is science, my message is equality. Each informs the other in a deeply true, and honest way. It is only through our work together that we discover the truth in all. ”

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