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Featured Artist of The Week: Ramesh Aundhkar.!

Featured Artist of The Week: Ramesh Aundhkar.!

"Artist from Mumbai. Gold medalist & Fellow of Sir of Art Mumbai-India. Research scholar of Gadhi studio-Lalit Kala Akadaemi New Delhi-India.(National Academy of Art.) Ex Art Designer of Weaver's Service Centre.(Government of India's body) Retired faculty from Symbiosis Institute of Design-Pune-India. Recently my one man exhibition was held in Seville city of Spain. ARTAGORA GALERIA sponsored this exhibition in their art gallery from 13th of September to 13th of October 2021. Gallery owner saw my artworks on one of International group site of Facebook. Artagora gallery's curator & owner liked them & selected 12 artworks for the solo exhibition from my collection. Link of exhibition is in my bio. Do visit my profile on *Instagram @aundhkarramesh.*

Apart from this I was invited by Art Educator's Lounge-USA to present my unique style of composition for their Webinar,where I presented my concept with help of PPT.Same self explanatory PPT is included along with my resume, statement & an animation clip.I hope you will like it & I will get place in your upcoming issues or platform you are providing to emerging artist of the month."

Selected artwork:

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