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Featured Artist of The Week: Arezou Ramezani!

Featured Artist of The Week: Arezou Ramezani!

"Arezou Ramezani is a London-based Iranian visual artist and podcaster. Having pursued two masters in Animation, Arezou loves to use different mediums and her work has been exhibited worldwide. She believes sharing emotions is essential that’s why she investigates the human's rawest feelings through her art where she conveys an emotion and evokes a feeling to the audience.

In her ink paintings, she gets inspired by music, human emotions and her own experiences where she expresses herself by drawing figures and portraits through hatched black ink lines that are in juxtaposition of fluid colourful inks.

She believes humans go through common experiences and art is the language we all understand and that's why in her art she tries to connect to the deeper layers of inner feelings of the audience and hopes they resonate with them."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Arraignment of Inner Child, Video Art

Aberration Of Inner Child, Video Art

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