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Featured Artist of The Week: Anna Berrino

Featured Artist of The Week: ANan Berrino!

"I draw inspiration from the natural world and its interactions with humans: I am interested in the visual contrasts that stem from our way of intentionally and unintentionally interacting with nature, modifying it, reading it, navigating it and coexisting with it. Concepts of physical and emotional mapping, landscape architectures, physical and socio-cultural land use and misuse are all themes and concepts central to my work and practice. In the past I have also researched and developed work on mental health and the expression of mental suffering through non-verbal, visual communication.

I create 2D and 3D mixed media pieces, by merging, collaging and reworking my drawings, paintings, prints, photographs and vintage/found paper. My process is intuitive and a constant creation and destruction of layers, textures and shapes. I develop my work in series, after a prolific phase of “in situ” sketching, sound sketching and observation which result in intensive sessions in the studio. Frames (or the absence of them), edges, confines and limits play a central role in many of my pieces. My current interests focus on “land displacement”, which I am researching and exploring through a printmaking and collage project on the Scottish Highlands' landscapes.”

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Subterranean formation, 2021, monotype collage, 20X35 cm, £75

Aerial, 2020, mixed media, 62X80 cm, £340

Distance, 2020, digital collage, 25X38 cm, £50

Soundscape track 9, monotype collage, 85X40 cm, £120

Noth, oil on paper, 24X40cm, £75

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