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Artist Spotlight: Tat Supreme

"Born & raised in Zimbabwe, Tat Supreme moved to the UK in 2003 aged 17. Tat has always been especially interested in renaissance artists such as Michelangelo as well as more modern & contemporary artist – Damien Hirst, Banksy, Picasso and Andy Warhol.

He has a passion for music as a rapper/producer/songwriter and has always been well articulated with a strong vocabulary. Having Synesthesia …. is a phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory leads to stimulating another, so numbers and letters are associated with colours. This neuropsychological trait has allowed Tat Supreme to use this in the expression of his art using digital art in the digital age of technology."

Selected Artworks

Artworks in order:

Aeroista Collection

Whirls, Swirls & Curls Collection

Lead UsNot Collection

Vertirior Collection

We’re The Roses Collection

An Elephant's Journey

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