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Featured Artist of The Week: Marigold Plunkett

Featured Artist of The Week: Marigold Plunkett!

"Marigold graduated from Camberwell College of arts, UAL, last year with in MA

Printmaking. She was awarded the Artichoke Print Prize and later a fellowship. She also

won the 2020 Ingram Prize-Founders Choice with her self-portrait, The Light/The Dark.

Her etchings were also shown in last years INGDiscerning Eye exhibition. Marigold works

as a technician at Artichoke Print workshop in Brixton and is an active part of a small

collective of printmakers-Imprint Collective, who recently exhibiting together with graduate

works that did not get shown last year, titled ‘Better Late’. Marigold’s practice is strongly

figurative, exploring the depths and dualities of being human, often with a focus on the role

of the female gaze. The nature of intaglio printmaking particularly lends itself to these

depths because of the intensity of looking and mark-making that is required of this

process. Since graduating her work has continued to investigate the expressive nature of

mark-making, whether in printmaking, or paint. This predominantly finds expression

through portraiture, which is a recurrent theme in Marigold’s work. This enduring curiosity

with the portrait lies in its ability to express so much of the human condition without the

need for words to describe those experiences."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Elliott Looking, 2021, etching & aquatint, 48x65cm, £280 (unframed) edition of 20.

Portrait of my daughter, her gaze is a very important part of this work, she is a child on the cusp of adolescence, full of confidence and assuredness, but in the look there is also a sense of vulnerability.

Boy, etching, 13/07/21, 38x55cm, 2021, £165 (unframed), edition of 20.

This etching is a part of a series of work that is investigating old family albums, re-imagining and untying family histories. This project was brought about by long periods at home in Covid.

The Ties That Bind, 13/07/21, etching & aquatint, 2021, £140 (unframed) edition of 10.

Also a part of the series described above, these etchings have a distance about them and a slight strangeness that I feel is often felt when looking back at family photos from long ago.

The Light/The Dark, 13/07/21, etching & aquatint, 2020, 54x37cm (unframed), edition of 5.

This was one of my final etchings at the end of my MA Printmaking, it was purchased by the Ingram Collection last year. It's a self-portrait focusing on the power of the female gaze. Human dualities, such as fragility and strength, are subjects that many of my portraits touch upon, particularly in this piece where there is a sense of discomfort in this gaze which is full of raw, powerful, concern.

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