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Featured Artist of The Week: Asia Nowicki

Featured Artist of The Week: Asia Nowicki

"London born and based artist and mama, with an interest in stereotypical gender and societal associations. Studying sculpture at Camberwell College of Art and Sir John Cass in London, encouraged the joining of sculpture and performance. A recently occurring spin off into various creative tangents has enabled a progression of practice into previously unexplored areas.

From a sculptural core, the 'typically feminine' psychosocial trait of producing obsessive work is playfully explored, involving a repetitive and / or arduous process. This repetition works alongside meticulousness and / or a visceral fleshification with bumpy surfaces or clusters, which become an embracement of trypophobia.

The recycling and manipulation of everyday household objects such as curtain hooks, plastic wine glasses and metal washers, along with traditional DIY and art materials such as expanding foam, modroc, liquid latex and ink, creates a rebirth of the quotidien...

Sculptural objects emerge as bestial, insectile or mollusc creatures. These can either stand alone in their own form or unify to create a collective narrative.

The creatures develop through performative documentation of their interaction with space / artist and later go through a sculptural dissection process, in which elements of the object are isolated, collated and digitally manipulated to create a redefinition of the subject to develop an evolving playful narrative.

The creatures perform, extend, warp, reformulate, fragment, articulate and multiply."

Selected artwork:

Artworks in order:

Gangsta, 2021, Sculptural digital manipulation of Ophelia the octopus (sculpture size 160 x 45 x 140cm approx), Framed print 30 x 30cm, £130

Ophelia the octopus is enraged by a seagull devouring the pomegranate offered to the Goddess of the sea during a fertility ritual. She confronts the gull.

Fight of the Year, 2021, Sculptural digital manipulation, Framed print 38 x 25cm, £130

After carrying out another fruitless fertility ritual, Ophelia's resentment for the gull returns, and she decides to have a proper battle with the animal who potentially denied her of her mama dreams.

A vintage style poster shows Ophelia vs Gull.

It's On, 2021, Sculptural photographic print, Framed print 30 x 30cm, £130

In true dramatic Ophelia style, with a fifties creature feature feel, Ophelia and Gull stand ready and waiting for battle.

Champion's Trophy, 2021, Sculptural digital manipulation, Framed print 30 x 30cm, £130

After a short but intense battle, Ophelia stands victorious clutching her blue ink sprayed gull trophy.

Gull has got her comeuppance.

Left in stINK , 2021, Sculptural photographic print, Framed print 30 x 30cm, £130

The aftermath of Ophelia's revenge. Gull left covered in stINK.

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