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Home is Where The Horror is Original by Sophie Coleman

Home is Where The Horror is Original by Sophie Coleman

SKU: 028

Acrylic Paint


Within horror, the most terrifying setting is

oftentimes the home. Within a home you find safety, domesticity, comfort, and to have that intruded on is a horrifying feeling. A domestic pattern combined with a splash of jarring red paint combines what should be safe with the feeling of danger. “The danger is within, the [slasher] films seem to say; the horror derives from the family.” — Pat Gill, “The Monstrous Years: Teens, Slasher Films, and the Family”



  • Heavily inspired by kitsch, pop, and internet culture, taking elements like colour or shape and using them within abstract expressionist painting. Primarily using acrylic paint as it has a plastic effect that can feel flat and artificial which is essential to the work and what it needs to convey. Bright colours, almost sickly in nature, are used in single shades with no tone or dimension, once again creating a flatness similar to a screen. Straight lines and blocks of colour as used to create something that could be synthetic, combined with unmistakably hand-made marks like splatters of brushstrokes. This creates tension as it tries to pull together something made with precision and structure and something that is quick and unpredictable in nature.


    Instagram: @soapycoleman


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