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Nurturing Tranquility" — Dubai's Gold Souk Artist Print by Devin Lightner

Nurturing Tranquility" — Dubai's Gold Souk Artist Print by Devin Lightner


Printed on Epson fine art paper with gloss finish.



Taken in 2015, amidst the media talk of ISIS in the Arabian Peninsula, this photograph captures a family engaged in the simple act of feeding fish in Dubai's vibrant Gold Souk. Far removed from the complexities of global discourse, the image crystallizes a timeless moment of shared connection and familial warmth. The reflection in the tranquil water echoes the resilience of the human spirit in finding solace amid uncertainty.
Against the juxtaposition of the prevailing narrative, this photograph becomes a visual sanctuary—a testament to the enduring human capacity for joy and unity, even in challenging times. As you immerse yourself in "Echoes of Reflection," let this image remind you of the universal desire for peace and the strength found in simple, shared moments of reflection.


In the summer of 2024, artist Devin Lightner presents "echoes of reflection," a photography exhibition inviting viewers to delve into introspection and contemplate the journey of self-discovery. Inspired by Carrie Mae Weems and Frida Kahlo, the series explores the urban oasis of Rosie's Coffee & Wine Garden, using it as a canvas for visual storytelling.


The series, originating from "Aeriana," captures the essence of contemplation amidst life's hustle, with blurred silhouettes of children symbolizing the ambiguity of the future. Notably, the exhibition's poster features animated rooftop figures, transformed from Devin's initial sketch by artist Fart.pdf. Against the NYC skyline, these doodled graphics represent childhood innocence, becoming the project's logo.


The deliberate choice of lowercase lettering in the exhibition's title, reminiscent of bell hooks' style, emphasizes a collective message over individual ego, echoing the theme of honoring female artists' legacies. "echoes of reflection" encourages viewers to reflect on human interconnectedness, the influence of women artists, and hopeful visions for the future. Devin Lightner's creation serves as a testament to art's power to evoke emotion and leave a lasting impact on the human soul.

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