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Replete Narcissus Artist Print by Valerie Breshears

Replete Narcissus Artist Print by Valerie Breshears


Artist Print



In this photo series, the journey of a daffodil from bud to full bloom unfolds before the viewer's eyes. The first image captures the anticipation as the tightly closed bud prepares to burst forth with life. Subsequent photos reveal the gradual unfurling of delicate petals, each frame showcasing the daffodil's graceful transformation. Soft sunlight illuminates the flower, casting a warm glow and highlighting the intricate details of its golden-yellow petals and slender green stem. As the series progresses, the daffodil reaches its peak of beauty, radiating vibrant color and exuding an aura of natural elegance. Each image in the series invites viewers to witness the fleeting yet enchanting spectacle of nature's renewal as the daffodil blossoms into full bloom.


"My photography aims to capture the essence of allure through bold and daring imagery. By embracing unconventional perspectives and pushing the boundaries of traditional beauty standards, I seek to evoke a sense of fascination and intrigue in the viewer. Each photo is meticulously crafted to challenge perceptions and celebrate the multifaceted nature of allure, inviting the audience to explore the depths of human expression and emotion."



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