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Solitude Artist Print by  Hannah Osinoff

Solitude Artist Print by Hannah Osinoff


black and white film photograph


I saw this person alone at a bar on their phone. While there were people around them, they kept to themselves and were quiet. It is amazing how sometimes the world can seem so quiet in such a loud space.


My name is Hannah Eve Osinoff and I am a recent Hamilton College graduate with a degree in Art History and Digital Arts. I began to shoot photographs when living in NYC for a semester and taking pictures of people on the street. I would describe my style as street photography, but also portraiture. I mainly use a digital camera, but I always like to take shots on film due to the wonderful grain it produces. Most of my photography is black and white. Ever since I was a child, even when I drew, I only drew in black and white. I love the monochrome look and feel that it adds more emotion and meaning to a piece. If you would like to see more of my work check out or follow me on Instagram @Hannahosinoffphoto.

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