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Specimen A Original by Charlott Rodgers

Specimen A Original by Charlott Rodgers

SKU: 044

Foam Glass


Specimen A, uses innovative ways to challenge the perception of traditional glass making. During the kiln casting process, aerated glass powders created this light, but strong, foam glass to create the ‘Aero’ like appearance. This piece is part of a series of works that challenge the way glass is perceived and asks the viewer to embrace new aesthetics of glass.



  • My work is grounded in the thrill of material investigations and seeks to find the common denominator in practices that are usually not combined due to material compatibility issues. I work with slip cast Boue China, traditional Pate de Veuve glass casting techniques and Foam Glass to make work that challenges traditional perceptions of glass making.


    This sometimes-dissident approach in making allows me to push the capabilities of the chosen materials to their limits.


    It is a forward-facing outlook, chartering unknown waters, while being anchored in traditional making skills.


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