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2 set Sennelier Oil Pastels: Iridescent and Assorted

2 set Sennelier Oil Pastels: Iridescent and Assorted

SKU: S12-132520-120/1

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The Sennelier oil pastel is a product that makes use of the components used in all Sennelier colours: top quality pigments, an extremely pure synthetic binding medium and mineral wax. The pigments are ground with an inert, non-siccative binding medium that does not oxidise and that has no effect upon either film stability or surface. This base is then mixed with wax (neutral pH). The balance of this mix provides Sennelier oil pastels with a creamy texture that allows for a great deal of freedom in pictorial expression.


The Sennelier oil pastels possess an extraordinarily high pigment content, thus providing them with a high colouring and covering potential, excellent brightness and a high degree of light stability (with the exception of metallic and fluorescent shades).

The remarkable properties of these components, along with their precise dosage, provide Sennelier oil pastels with unique properties, making the brand a world-recognised reference.

Contents Include:
1 x White 1

1 x Black 231

1x Aluminium 111

1x Pale Gold 112

1x Rich Pale Gold 113

1x Rich Gold 114

1x Red Copper 115

1x Transparent Blue 123

1x Iridescent White 125

1x Golden Pearl 132

1x Red Gold 134

1x Reddish Brown Gold 135
1 x White 1
1 x Pale Blue 6
1 x Lemon Yellow 19
1 x Black 23
1 x Yellow Ochre 26
1 x Burnt Umber 34
1 x Cinnabar Green yellow 42
1 x Green Medium 45
1 x Mandarin 200
1 x Delft Blue 203
1 x Permanent Intense Red 220
1 x French Ultramarine Blue 237

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