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36 Piece Assorted Pastel Carre Set Cretacolor

36 Piece Assorted Pastel Carre Set Cretacolor

SKU: cr-480-36

Brilliant colours and exceptional lightfastness are the hallmarks of fine pastels — these hard pastels feature both in 36 luminous shades. Use on edge for broad, sweeping strokes or on the corners for fine detail. Highly pigmented, water-soluble, oil-free, flawless blending, luxurious colour.


Colours include:

Permanent White French Green
Naples Yellow Pea Green
Cadmium Yellow Moss Green Dark
Chromium Yellow Fir Green
Orange Olive Green Dark
Vermilion LIght Green Earth Light
Vermilion Dark Tan Light
Madder Carmine Ivory Black
Carmine Extra Fine Tan Dark
Reddish Purple Ochre Light
Rose Madder Ochre Dark
Bluish Purple Sienna
Prussian Blue Pompeian Red
Ultramarine Indian Red
Delft Blue Van Dycke Brown
Glacier Blue Bistre
Bremen Blue Cloud Grey
Turquoise Dark Blue Grey

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