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bird with moon Original by Hannah Merrill

bird with moon Original by Hannah Merrill

SKU: 002

collage mixed media


In response to my dual nationality British/American. I traveled to the US with this canvas and dipped it in the ocean, then traveled back and seeped it in Yorkshire tea.  The image of the bird flying yet pinned down is a metaphor for my travel in a time when travel is restricted.  The stitching, a response to the creation of a history of my life lived in both places, stitching my own story with two different threads.



  • Hannah Merrill is an American artist living and working in the UK.  She is committed to the welfare of the environment and therefore creates works using only recycled, donated, second Life materials and/or trash.  Using zero waste materials Merrill showcases her relationship as a female with the environment and their similar roles and responsibilities.


    Hannahmerrillart @ insta

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