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FORM Original by Mary f. Harrison

FORM Original by Mary f. Harrison

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Felt tip marker pen on canvas


The Form is a prime factor in a piece of art. To describe it, apart from as a simple blank canvas or white square, per Malevitch, it has to have an outline, separating it from its surrounding (negative) space
This is the artist’s objective then, to divine the Form within.

Here, black felt tip marker working directly onto it, exposes the positive and negative spaces of a small canvas square.

The image has no other purpose, except to inhabit this particular place.
The dramatic impact of the piece comes from its simplicity. More detail or added colour would be unnecessary, rendering the image fussy and or superfluous. 


  • My work is about locating dormant forms within myself and within the paper or canvas ground on which I’m working, and amalgamating both into a cohesive composition. The resulting image is usually worked into with colour and pattern, and a bit of free play!
    I also love words and word play which find their way into the creative process, often as titles early on, giving me hints on where to go next...

    Choosing to work with handmade watercolours on handmade paper, as I usually do, is a conscious attempt to work sustainably.


    Instagram @harrisonmaryf
    Facebook Mary Harrison 

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