Estefania Liehr

Resin, alcohol inks



This petri dish was made using epoxy resin and by dropping some alcohol inks in. I also used ink sinker to make sure it had a 3D effect. If you closely look at the sides, you can see colour pigments elevating and reaching towards the other side of the resin. I wanted to give the impression of something alive and dynamic.


I was trying to recreate mycelium which is a network of fungi which usually live in the soil. These organisms are what allows trees to communicate and share carbon, nutrients, etc, for example to help an ill tree. I felt this represented how the interconnection between species and the support networks are what keep forests alive and thriving. Much like ourselves, they depend on others and community.



Tefilosophy is the place to go for handmade, unique gifts! A small business with handmade greeting cards, natural lip balm, handmade jewellery and upcycled products! A bit about my products: I make a soothing and popular healing dandelion lip balm. An all-natural lip balm with infused dandelion flower oil! I make an array of handmade jewellery, from wire rings with gemstones, to handwoven micro macramé bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and classy resin and polymer clay jewellery. I also make handmade greeting cards, all hand drawn by me with watercolours, markers, fine pens. Finally, I make recycled / upcycled coin pouches out of old milk cartons.


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  • All petri dishes will not be released for shipping until after the Petri Dish Project physical exhibition. If you would like it before then please contact for arrangements.