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Hey, Coffee Run by Olga Goldina Hirsch

Hey, Coffee Run by Olga Goldina Hirsch


Coffee, Inks, Printing on Paper

38 x 28 cm


My mother passed away last September and I am missing her a lot and remember her 'hey, stop to worry and be sad, coffee run', and I love cups and cpollect them and call them my 'cups of happiness'. Every morning I take a different cup for my coffee to remember a place or story. This is how I start my day! For this project I was painted a cup to bring warmth, sun and luck to someone who will like it.

  • Since I moved to London more then ten years ago I have been building my professional career in Art and I got a Master degree in Fine Art graduated from City and London of Art School, Birmingham University, London in 2018.

    At the present time I continue to develop my artistic and professional skills: participate at the group exhibitions in London and abroad, printing and ceramic workshops, collaborate with Art Galleries, visit Art Conferences and get a place in the Art Residency in Tokyo and Athens. My solo virtual exhibition was taking place recently under the curation of London Art Number 23 gallery.

    My works are in Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens and in private collections in England, France, Italy, Canada and in Russian Museum of Modern Art, Vladivostok. My work “Who Am I?” was included to the catalogue of Le Salon der Artistes Francais, 2021. My work is presented by Art Number 23 Gallery, London and I-Gallery, Intelligence, Paris and TEBBS Art Gallery, London.

    I am a member of Taylor Foundation, Paris, France, 2021.

    Recently I got the runner up prize of TEBBS International Art Award 2022.
    Some of my work was published recently in Art Magazines and in Art Books.

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