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Emerging Essence Original by Charly Alston

Emerging Essence Original by Charly Alston

SKU: 055

Ink, acrylic, acetate


The ‘Summer Holiday’ was a time many used to escape their stresses, to calm the mind and just be, even if it was just for a week. However, that has been swiped from us in recent times. Through my experiences of living on the beautiful island of Guernsey; the beaches I get to explore, the magical coastline and the expansive sea I experience daily, I offer that feeling of connecting with yourself, your being, in this petri dish. The colours I see whilst on beaches lined by orange and pink granite, clear blue waters, and soft sand underneath. Emerging through the fluorescent fog is a parasol and beach towel. There is an invitation for you to sit and be. To allow the senses to be filled with the sound and smells of the seaside, to encompass your being with love. 


  • My work is about the sea and the emotions I feel because of it. I traverse the coasts of the Bailiwick of Guernsey to places that evoke a feeling of expanse, freedom, and awe. I energetically explore the lines, shapes, and colours around me, to capture the sense of calm and joy I feel in these places, Translating the imagery and emotions into drawings, paintings, and sculptures, I offer a souvenir of that feeling. A self-contained object providing a refreshing perspective of what we see around us and how we strive to feel. Because ultimately, being by the sea is good for the soul. It is a vessel that takes us away from our common place to a fresh environment with an inspiring view, a place we can sit back and breathe easily. 


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