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Pond Life Original by Fiona Maher

Pond Life Original by Fiona Maher

SKU: 037

PVA, acrylic, ink, bike tyre inner tube


This is inspired by the small pond in my garden. Its life cycle has come full circle during 2 years of lockdown! I don’t tend to it at all and over the years has found its’ natural balance, supporting frogs, small insects, birds, and plants. Similarity over the past year of my life has found a new rhythm and balance, more in tune with the seasons and forces of nature that surround me.  



  • A spirit of playfulness underpins my practice. Through that I discover new ways of making and expressing myself. My practice embraces sculpture, printmaking, and mark making on paper. I use the found and discovered as a source of inspiration, and as materials to work with; which both provoke and challenge me.


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