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Take My Hand Original  by Ranjit Sagoo

Take My Hand Original by Ranjit Sagoo

SKU: 004

Acrylic on canvas


‘Take my hand’ conveys a simple but powerful message: “I’m here for you, take my hand”. It’s an offer of support. You’re reaching out, offering a caring hand to anyone that needs it. This message applies to us all, we are all the same, we all have our time of need and this simple gesture from someone might be the key to help us get through. This message has never been more relevant than during the Pandemic, with people suffering from hardships, loss and isolation. Such a simple gesture, but one that can change lives.



  • Ranjit Sagoo from Sutton Coldfield, England, is a self-taught realism artist. Although he has always had an innate artistic talent, life chose a different career path for him in medicine. Now an NHS Doctor his daily art requires empathic understanding and a clinical and diagnostic acuity. Having established his medical career, Ranjit is now pursuing his love of art, aspiring to establish himself within the art community and share his work and artistic concepts.


    Ranjit uses the experiences he has learned in his medical career to influence his art. Being a Doctor is about building relationships and connections with people and this comes through in his work. Ranjit’s work is a contemplation of human nature, with each piece expressing a feeling or exploring human emotions and behaviour. His realistic approach creates an almost palpable visual connection, whilst the message within the art forms an emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork.



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